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Prof. Pavan S Nuggehalli
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Sicence, Banglore

Prof. S. N. Merchant
Department of Electrical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

VTU Subject Expert
Dr. Kumaraswamy H V Professor,
Dept of Telecom Engg,
R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru

Quadrant I - Basic Learning
Information Theory and Coding
Video Clippings Developed by VTU Subject Expert
Channel Entropy
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Huffman Coding
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Source and Channel Coding
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Trinary and Quaterernary Coding
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Remaining Three Quadrants of Demonstrative, Supplementary & Interactive Learning Materials Developed by VTU Subject Expert
Course Contents
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Module 1
Lecture Number 1 to 9
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Module 2
Lecture Number 10 to 19
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Module 3
Lecture Number 20 to 29
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Module 4
Lecture Number 30 to 41
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