We incorporated the methodology of Four Quadrant model with an objective to develop content accordingly. Subsequent to the vetting done by the subject experts, we decided on the methodology for each of the quarters as follows.

  1. By considering the basic learning materials of NPTEL Phase - I Courses in the form of web and video e-Contents we initiated to meet and develop the project objective. ( Quadrant 1- Basic Learning )

  2. To develop & present multi media support material to aid the learning as Power point slides, and other ways to be prepared by the subject experts comprehensively covering the concepts of respective NPTEL Phase - I Courses, in most cases over and above the video lesson. This will form a quick reference point to capture(or Recap) the gist of lecture in a very short time. ( Quadrant 2 - Demonstrative Learning  )

  3. To strengthen and deepen the students understanding:  References from internet and otherwise with content/ hyperlink/ just reference are available for each covering concepts of NPTEL Phase - 1 courses. Supplementary Reading Material, Wikis, Case Studies , Anecdotes and Historical Development references are also provided wherever possible. (Quadrant 3 - Supplementary Learning) 

  4. To create a question bank at three different levels- to test a) remembered information, b) simple application of knowledge and c) involved application of acquired knowledge In order to increase the learner's understanding, and to facilitate his/her self testing as well as improving the application of concepts, analytical and synthesizing abilities and ultimately evaluation capabilities. There is a provision for feedback and continual interaction also in this quadrant (Quadrant 4 - Interactive Learning

    Please refer to of the Four Quadrant Model suggested by NMEICT for quadrant classification
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